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Uneefy Intratech Pvt Ltd established eSourcing.in with the objective of promoting b2b sellers based on customer service metrics rather than paid advertisement. As a result, Uneefy Intratech Pvt Ltd established a feedback oriented b2b marketplace in which active sellers are promoted based on their customer service criteria such as responsiveness and ratings.

On eSourcing.in buyers can select and connect with sellers on the basis of their online ratings and responsiveness. Sellers can improve their ranking on esourcing.in by remaining active, promptly responding to buyers, maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date profile, and receiving good ratings from buyers after every interaction & transaction.

At eSourcing.in we are striving to make b2b sellers aware of customer satisfaction, product quality, better pricing, prompt after sales service and commitment to grow their business. We are working to make genuine buyer and active seller engagement more simple, fast and secure.

Sign-up with just your mobile number and an invitation code to become a part of this expanding network that connects active sellers with genuine buyers in a simple, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Our Story

Uneefy has a lot of experience working with Industrial and Technical industry. Established in year 2015 for providing high-quality goods and services at affordable prices to contractors, so that they can concentrate more on project execution.

We, like all other industrial b2b suppliers, wanted to boost our business by increasing our online presence. As a result, we became member of one of the most popular online marketplaces.

Our business increased by a small amount at first, as promised. However, we soon discovered that the majority of the leads we got were either meaningless or of low value, and hence contributed little value to our business.

Another hurdle we encountered was when we discovered that firms enrolling in the Higher Paid Package were displayed at the top of the list as "Promoted Sellers," dramatically diminishing our chances of receiving direct leads.

The higher the subscription fee, the more were promotion and more leads there would be. It was also found that promoted sellers received enquiries that were diverted from other sellers having lower membership package.

As a result, sellers with lower subscription packages, such as ourselves, fell behind in listings, while having better products and good customer support.

We were unable to enjoy the benefits of online presence despite offering superior services and products to our clients because we were not enrolled in Higher Add-On Promotional Packages.

And we weren't the only ones. This was a common concern of many sellers, including ours, and everybody had been in the same situation.

However, because there is no other platform that offer sellers opportunities based on customer oriented parameters like customer service, pricing, quality, after sales service etc, they have continued to enrol in the same advertising-driven b2b marketplace companies.

As a result, the idea for "Response-Driven b2b marketplace" in the form of eSourcing.in was seeded.

India's Activity Driven b2b Marketplace.

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Call: +91 9321 766 953
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